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Hi Guys,Paul here, from little marketer.com and in this video I’ll be reviewing the product for building beautiful landing pages called WP Profit Builder.

I also have for you 5 amazing bonuses so stick till the end where I will show you all bonuses you get from me.

Landing pages or squeeze pages are absolutely essential part of every online business so if you are not using them, you missed something. Landing pages significantly help you in building your e-mail list which is most valued asset you can have in your online business. Think about it for a while..

Great looking Landing pages are really vital for your success so check out my Profit Builder review, hope it helps you to take that decision and make a huge progress. So, let´s jump onto it.

Here is tha sale´s page of Profit Builder. What I really like about it is itś nice and clean design. Page is created in ProfitBuilder so it´s no wonder..

You can find here bunch of information about the product itself and you can also check the Proftit Builder in action in this video.

ProfitBuilder comes in both a template and plugin. For the plugin to function properly, you do not have to install a template, so you can install the plugin on any web without having any impact on its current form.

Once you’ve installed ProfitBuilder, you’ll be able to create a perfect landing pages. ProfitBuilder offers dozens of templates for various occasions, such as webinars, free ebook offers, video tutorials etc. You Can you use Profit Builder to build simple or complex landing pages or you can also make whole sites with this plugin and they will look really great.

Of course there are pop-ups, hidden forms, or integrations to all important email autoresponders such as Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp

Here I will show few examples of my landing pages I built using Profit Profit Builder. Some of them are build form scratch and on some of them I used a template which you get with the plugin.

I am still thinking about what I don´t like about his product and I can´t find out nothing. Really, Product is great, easy to use, support works also really well and with the product you also get bunch of tutorial videos and in any case, you won´t be lost.

But to say true, I didn´t use many of them as everything is really clear and simple so you will know from the first minute what to do and how to build your page.

This product has also two upsells. First is called Template Club and it actually is a monthly subscribtion service for best templates for you.
Second OTO is LeasFlow Pro whis helps you manage all your leads across all your business in one dashboard so its really helpful.

Sorry I forgot to mention in this video 3rd OTO which is called ProfitBuilder Masterclass and it is basicly 6-Week Traffic, Conversions & Funnel Training with ProfitBuilder.

I am using ProfitBuilder for the past few months and I have to say that I really haven´t came across better solution for WordPress sites. It´s realy simple to use and offer such variability, actually you can do anything whis tool like this. I hihgly recomend this product, I am very satisfied with them and it helps me so much in my progress.

So if you want to take your landing pages and whole business to the new level, click on this link http://littlemarketer.com/wp-profit-builder-bonuses/ and get WP Profit Builder today with my huge bonuses.

Hope you enjoyed this Profit Builder review video, comment below, give me a thumb up if you like or thumb down if not and in all cases have a great day! Ciao, Paul

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