What Are the Pros and Cons of a Landing Page? (2021)

If you are launching an upcoming website, you should know about the pros and cons of a landing page. When a visitor comes to your landing page and clicks on the link, you should be able to convert them into customers. Otherwise, why should they even visit your site? To help you figure this out, it is useful to know how landing pages work.

First, when a potential customer arrives at your landing page, the first thing that he will see is the home page. Here, you should provide him with all the information that he is looking for. Then, he will be directed to other pages on your site. In order for a visitor to get more information, he or she has to click on one of the links provided on the landing page. The potential customer will see any further links as part of the cascade of links that the landing page has.

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You may have noticed that landing pages are organized in a way that makes it easy for visitors to reach the information that they are looking for. This organization is usually based on navigation principles. Each page can be viewed easily from the top, bottom or side. Some landing pages even provide a list of all the most important pages that you can view from a certain page. Thus, you do not need to refer to a checklist as you proceed with the execution of your strategy.

A landing page is usually used as part of a squeeze page to generate traffic. Thus, it is important to make sure that your landing page contains compelling headlines. This is especially true when the landing page is directed to your opt-in form.

In addition, landing pages should also include a call-to-action button. For instance, if you are directing the customer to sign up for your mailing list, the call to action should let the potential customer do just that. If you are providing product updates, the call to action should remind the potential customer of the updates. These actions will not only help to retain your current customers but also attract new ones.

The pros and cons of a landing page can be seen in terms of the links that are included on the page. It is vital that the links are relevant to the information that is displayed on the landing page. Thus, for instance, if the potential customer is interested in your blog, you should include links to your blog on the page.

It is also important that your landing page does not appear to be automated. Visitors who are directed to your page by a search engine should not feel that the entire process is automatic. You should give them the opportunity to sign up for your mailing list or to request more information. This will encourage potential customers to fill out the forms you have provided.

One of the most important considerations when it comes to landing pages is how easy they are to navigate. Visitors to your landing page should be able to easily see all of the options that are available to them. This means that links that take them to multiple pages should be included. Also, it is important that you choose the color of your landing page to make it more appealing. Black is the most popular color, but you should use a lighter shade of blue for a page that is more informational.

The layout of your landing page is very important. Customers are more likely to spend time on a page that makes them feel comfortable. If you add a lot of white space, you may alienate some visitors. Instead, try to keep the page simple, with the required links often highlighted in red. You should also strive to keep the font size of your text larger than the background color so that it will be easier to read your customers.

Another thing that you should consider when creating your landing page is what you will be selling. Often, the most compelling content is the content that customers least expect to see on a landing page. In other words, if you are selling a tool for building model rockets, your landing page may offer tips about model rocket making. However, if you are selling dog training supplies, you will want to emphasize that your customers can help their dogs to stop barking, sit, and so on.

So, if you are wondering, “what are the pros and cons of a landing page”, you now know what to avoid. As mentioned above, a good landing page will encourage visitors to make a purchase from your site. However, the best landing pages are those that convert, so you must work hard to make sure that you do not just sell anything to anyone.


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