Unbounce Webinar Recording: How COVID-19 Impacted Conversion Rates in 2020

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“Business as usual” was anything but normal in 2020. And now—thanks to the Conversion Benchmark Report 2021—we have data-backed insights on 16 industries to prove it.

Join Ayat Shukairy, Luke Carthy, and Colin Loughran as they discuss the report’s data and weigh in on the pandemic’s potential impact. Plus, get expert tips on how to use the report’s insights to build higher-converting campaigns.

00:00:00 Welcome & Introductions
00:05:46 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report
00:12:08 COVID-19 Conversion Data
00:15:20 Panel Discussion: What kind of year was 2020 for marketers?
00:21:29 How did businesses make the shift to Ecommerce during 2020?
00:24:18 Gap between bottom-performing and top-performing pages (Ecommerce)
00:35:42 Change in number of published pages by Industry
00:42:55 2019 vs 2020 conversion rate (Fitness & Nutrition)
00:48:20 Increase in desktop traffic
00:56:26 Conversion rate by sentiment (Ecommerce)
01:03:04 What do the next 2 years look like for Ecommerce?
01:07:24 Q&A

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