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If you’re into Internet marketing and have a web site, you’ve probably read a few Joe Birono’s Unbounce review. Unbounce is a software tool that helps you create and publish landing pages so you can benefit from the potential of affiliate marketing. Joe Birono claims in his Unbounce review that Unbounce allows you to build and launch “professional” landing pages without any programming or SEO knowledge. Joe Birono does an excellent job of explaining the pros and cons of this product on his site. I’d like to take a moment to discuss some of the benefits of using Unbounce, as well as some of the cons associated with Unbounce.

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There are really two main benefits of Unbounce that make it one of the best features of all time for landing pages. First of all, unbounce allows you to create landing pages with highly relevant keywords that will draw massive amounts of traffic to your website. So you can expect to get hundreds, if not thousands, of people clicking on your links and signing up for your list.

The other major benefit of Unbounce is its integration with conversion intelligence tools such as Google adwords and yahoo’s search marketing. Conversion intelligence (or commonly referred to as conversion indicators) is a highly advanced method of measuring search engine optimization performance and using this performance data to gain an idea of how well a particular keyword is performing. For example, if a keyword has a low click through rate but a high conversion rate, you may suspect that the quality of the traffic is suffering. Conversion indicators can measure many different factors including ad click through rates and sales conversions. With the help of conversion intelligence, you can quickly and easily identify the areas in which you may be losing money.

While it’s true that conversion rates can fluctuate, there are a few pros and cons of using Unbounce. Perhaps the biggest pro is that Unbounce has made changes to their formstack system which enables them to offer their subscribers more and better value. Although the formstack system was the source of some of the problems that were identified with the service, they have now made it much easier to determine your conversion rates. This is in addition to all of the other positive things that are covered in the Unbounce review.

One con of Unbounce is that they only allow you to display one formstack at a time. There is no way to combine your free offers with those that require a fee. In addition, their terms of use states that you are not permitted to change or delete any of the information that is already present. Although you may be able to make changes to the other areas of their site, once you’ve completed one conversion rate test, you cannot proceed to the next. Another con is that although the quality of their customer support is good, they do not cover other forms of credit that may affect your conversion rates.

The pros of Unbounce are numerous and would go a long way to making them the top choice for Internet marketers. The first pro is that they are very easy to set up and use; they do not require any technical knowledge of the program to set up. They do not place ads on your landing pages which means that you will not run into any annoying spammy advertisements. The second pro is that because the system does not utilize form stacking, you are able to eliminate much of the stress that comes with form stacking methods by removing extra fields from your forms which makes your website much easier to manage.

The third pro is that you can create as many smart traffic sources as you want and be able to track all of them at the same time. This means that you can identify which of these conversion channels are giving you the best results and make the appropriate adjustments. The fourth and last pro is that you will be offered smart traffic for all of your advertising campaigns. If you choose to use AdWords integration, you will be provided with a tracking mechanism to see which keywords are converting for you. If you choose to use other types of integrations like Media Quotations, you will also receive a comprehensive tracking mechanism that will allow you to optimize your website based on real time data.

These are some of the pros of Unbounce. It comes with high quality smart traffic that will give you very good conversions. You can also find out which keywords are converting for you and make the necessary adjustments. The cons however are that it has very strict rules in regards to submitting landing pages. If you submit landing pages which have broken links, you will not be approved for the program. The best thing that you can do is to test run the program first to ensure that it will work for your business

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