See How Procurify Scored SaaS Demos with ABM & Landing Pages | Case Study: Unbounce x Procurify

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Procurify, a Vancouver-based SaaS company, experienced mega-growth as a tech startup that companies can only dream of. The Procurify marketing squad overhauled their strategy to create account-based marketing campaigns using Unbounce.

The results? Procurify built 50 super-personalized landing pages in a pilot account-based marketing (ABM) campaign. An increasingly popular approach for selling SaaS products, an ABM campaign focuses just on companies matching your ideal customer profile.

Mark Huvenaars and Jendi Logan of Procurify share how they became more purposeful in the way they pursued new customers with personalized Unbounce landing pages.

Read more about Procurify’s case study here:

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