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How To Hand Over Your Website And Hosting Account Before You Die

Although many online services have digital inheritance clauses and systems to handover a deceased person’s account or website after their death, smaller service providers, hosting companies and even government organizations are hesitant to part with such information in the absence of proper laws or court intervention. This article deals with how to manage your e-assets after you die.

Major Web Hosting Plans

When choosing a web hosting plan bound to serve all your business needs, there are several factors that need to be put into focus. They include the needs that you have as a business, server location and the available web hosting plans. The plan you select is very important and this means knowing the major plans and what they can do for your business before settling for the one you feel is best suited for your business.

The Impact Of Cloud Computing On The Present-Day IT

This article shares how cloud computing is revolutionizing the internet-of-things by offering high availability of resources & mobility. The article also tells the impact of cloud computing on enterprises to small businesses in leveraging the day to day operations with high level efficiency and command. It also details some predictions on how cloud will bring new advancements in the IT industry by 2030

An Overview of Web Hosting

You would know that folders and files get stored on one of the hard disks of your laptop or desktop, making them readily accessible according to your requirements. A web page is also a file, quite similar to word processing documents. Just like we need a computer for the storage of documents, we also need a computer for the storage of web pages.

A Normative Critique of a Content Delivery Network

Optimizing the website and improving its performance has become the primary objective of almost every business, with a colossal increase in the number of sites hosted on the internet. Nowadays, businesses are using all available resources to provide their customers what they want in no time, from updating content on the website to employing content delivery networks. This network is an interconnected system of cache servers that use geographical proximity as a criterion for delivery of web content.

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