Kartra vs Leadpages

A comparison between Kartra vs Leadpages reveals a lot about the traits of each website’s builder. Both platforms successfully accomplish the following key digital marketing goals. They create and build opt-in email lists. They also provide valuable information on the type of buyers that a particular product is designed to appeal to. And, best of all, they both offer free business and marketing tools that will help you get your website “off the ground”.

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Kartra is an all-in-one platform which includes email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management and much more. Marketers can easily manage their business with it and so can you.

Kartra gives you every essential marketing and sales tool you need to grow your business profitably – from sales funnels, landing pages and product carts to membership sites, help desks, affiliate management, and more. Give Kartra a trial and see it for yourself.

Kartra pricing is very flexible to build and grow your online business easily and effortlessly. The price is also flexible and affordable when compared to other platforms in the market.

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Both leadpages and kartra accomplish these other important digital advertising goals. However, some of those goals are easier achieved with one platform than another. When it comes to lead generation, both platforms provide useful analytics to analyze visitor behavior, such as where they go, how long they spend, how they click, and what sites they tend to visit. Other features included in both platforms are page builders, A / B testing, heat maps, and email marketing capabilities.

In terms of lead conversion, both leadpages and kartra clearly outperform all-in-one marketing tools on the Internet in many ways. For example, when prospects on both websites visit the sign-up page, leadpages delivers them a lead capture form right away – while on the other site, a sales funnel builder allows them to build their own opt-in list. This immediate gratification encourages more sign-ups, which drives up revenue for both platforms.

In terms of analytics integration, both leadpages and kartra have solid Google Analytics integration. The information returned by the Google Analytics interface is very detailed, and both leadpages and kartra give access to granular data, such as demographics, to aid in decision making. In addition, both platforms have excellent reporting capabilities. kartra even allows users to export key performance indicators, allowing them to see absolute conversion rates. Furthermore, both leadpages and kartra offer a robust data center, with technical support from the team at Google, making it easy to troubleshoot any problems related to the software. Both platforms offer full online support, including help desk options and an online helpdesk.

Another way that leadpages and kartra differ is in their approach to customer support. With kartra’s backend programming being written in C++, it is entirely outside of the scope of leadpages’ customer support team. With leadpages, this aspect of the service is provided by the marketing team at VBA. They offer step-by-step guides and tutorials, as well as real-life help when needed. As an additional service, both leadpages and kartra also offer live chat options, which provide potential customers with a quick and painless way to contact the support team.

The second way that leadpages and kartra differ is in the area of analytics. At present, Google’s analytics program, known as Google Analytics, is by far the most popular online tool for tracking website performance. While some marketers might prefer not to invest time in this tool, as it can be a little time consuming to setup and use, others swear by it. Google’s analytics provides detailed information on how many people are visiting a particular site, how long they spend on that site, how often they leave the site, where they might go if they leave the site, and other useful data. Because leadpages and kartra do not implement Google Analytics, they cannot benefit from this service. However, this small disadvantage is worth noting, especially since it offers so much more than Google’s version does.

The final way that leadpages and kartra differ is in their marketing approach. Leadpages completely take the webinar concept out of the equation, while kartra embraces it wholeheartedly. Instead of having a sales presentation with a salesperson in the background shouting at the prospects, which can often irritate or even scare them, or having a video of the same presentation, which can also be annoying, leadboxes and kartra have developed an interactive website that encourages the prospect to interact with the marketer, to “take part” in the webinar. This can either be done through a pop-up window, which has the advantage of being very easy to see when you are browsing the Internet, or by having the prospect sign up for an email list, which also gives the marketer valuable email addresses to promote products to.

If you want to launch an informative webinar, and want your sales pitch to be highly engaging, you might need to consider using leadpages or kartra as your webinar platform. Both platforms have distinct advantages, though there may be some room for negotiation between the two. You will need to evaluate both your business needs and the needs of your prospects to determine which platform would best serve your purposes. If you need ready-to-go solutions to all of your online marketing needs, you should definitely consider using leadpages or kartra.

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