Kartra vs Kajabi

In this article, I’m going to reveal some of the main Kartra vs Kajabi differences so that you can make a well-informed choice. Both these platforms have a strong presence on the web and have attracted a number of investors and venture capitalists. However, what is the benefits that one has over the other? And which one should you use? Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know a lot more about what each platform offers its users.

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Although both platforms have affiliate marketing features, which ones are the best? In general, Kartra is the better option because it offers a wider range of products to promote. Unlike Kajabi, which focuses on only a few products, Kartra lets you promote virtually any product that you can think of. You can also earn more commission from multiple streams of income, whereas with Kajabi you’re limited to a single income channel.

However, there are definite pros and cons to both these platforms. What makes them different? Well, let’s quickly look at some of the key differences. So, let’s begin by comparing the various pros and cons of both Kartra vs Kajabi.

Both platforms allow you to publish pre-designed web courses online. You can either publish these courses as “static” HTML pages or as “dynamic” Flash movies. With the latter option, you can add text, audio, video, and interactivity to your courses. You can also easily add-in modules, which are individual courses (or sections within one course) that can be purchased and managed via online course management systems, such as Csoft Learning Manager or Kompulsa. On the other hand, you can’t just publish courses as static images.

With Kartra, you also have the opportunity to build custom websites that can be integrated with affiliate management and sales tracking features. Although the website can be customized in a number of ways, you won’t be able to incorporate an affiliate management system, which is an essential component of online businesses. This difference could arguably be the biggest one, although it might not apply very much to Kajabi. However, if you own a business where you want to manage all of your affiliates and other customers, Kajabi might be the better platform for you.

Both platforms also have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, with Kartra, you have the ability to integrate sales funnels with your e-learning courses much more easily. This is accomplished by using the same visual interface that allows you to manage your course content. This means that you won’t have to go through the effort of creating and implementing different interfaces for your e-learning content, since everything will already be organized and displayed in the same way on both Kartra and Kajabi. This makes things a lot easier for you as a business owner and a trainer.

Another thing that Kartra has that Kajabi doesn’t have is support for email marketing. Email marketing has become very popular with both home-based businesses and Internet marketers looking to generate an income from their work-at-home jobs. However, because it is so popular there are many templates and plug-ins out there that you can’t use, which makes email marketing much more difficult. This is why you’ll find that most people who are creating campaigns for their e-business turn to software such as Kajabi because they are easy to use and customize. You can also integrate email marketing with your e-learning system much easier with Kartra since you’ll be able to use the same templates.

The final thing that you’ll want to consider when comparing Kartra and Kajabi in terms of templates and plug-ins is the unique feature of being able to design your own web pages. With both platforms, you are able to design your own pages in HTML or PHP, and then upload them to your website or personally store them on a server for future reference. However, with Kartra you have access to over 75 templates that you can use to create not only web pages but also sales letters, sign-ups, registration forms, and more. Since every page is customizable, you’re far more likely to reuse the same layout on other websites, rather than coming up with a new design for each individual page.

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