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There are several excellent Instapage options with extensive features, offering you attractive landing page templates, creative A/B split testing, and so much more. However, before diving deeply into the comprehensive list of Instapage options, one entity is of paramount importance for an online business owner. That entity is none other than the web hosting company that will be utilized to host your site. There are several key points you must take into consideration before making your final selection. Those points include the following:

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Are you in need of email marketing automation? If so, then there are several major names to consider. Among the most well-known names in the web hosting industry, however, is Instapage. Instapage offers a robust set of email marketing tools for use with its platform. Among those key points, automated email broadcast campaigns are among the most popular, with marketers able to easily set up a broadcast campaign for the purpose of advertising new product lines or seasonal promotions. Other services offered by Instapage include website design, blog management, analytics, website maintenance, domain registrars and, of course, Instapage itself.

In addition to these key offerings, it is important to recognize that Instapage offers several customization options, including a wide range of template designs. For those who are interested in building strong, stand out landing pages for their online marketing efforts, then this is an ideal choice. Additionally, marketers who are building opt-in lists and looking for ways to get subscribers to take action may find this option particularly useful. As you can see, there are some distinct benefits associated with the use of Instapage as a web hosting provider.

One of the greatest attractions of Instapage is that it offers marketers several advantages that traditional web based email campaigns simply cannot. For instance, marketers are able to create and modify landing pages as they wish. They are also able to choose from a host of templates – some with content specific to their particular niche, others focused on a broader range of markets and products, and still others focused solely on their own particular product lines and promotional areas. This means that marketers can make effective use of their time building up opt-in lists as well as driving qualified traffic to their sales pages. The more targeted they are through their own custom landing page templates and emails, the greater chances they have of converting leads into actual clients.

It is also possible to get started with Instapage Alternative in three easy steps: sign up, upload your web site and content, and start creating quality email marketing campaigns. Once you have signed up, the easy part is already done; you will immediately be provided with the opportunity to upload your website and contact you leads via email. From there, you can choose how you want to receive communications from your subscribers. Some people prefer to automate this process with the help of clickfunnels, while others prefer to simply hand over the reins to getresponse and handle all communication options themselves.

Now let’s take a look at the main differences between this web based application and the more conventional methods of lead capture that are common among online marketers. The biggest differentiator is that with instapage, you can expect to get responsive instant responses from your leads because they are created when people opt-in to the list and not when they hit the “submit” or “process” button. That said, it does have its downfalls, as you can’t automate everything. There is still a need for a responsive person on the other end to respond to any questions and requests, follow-up promptly, and be available to work with the owner. With the instapage templates that are included with the program, this isn’t a huge problem, but if you want to automate things completely, you may need to hand over that responsibility to someone else.

This web-based marketing solution also allows you to incorporate a number of different features that are commonly seen on landing page builders, including auto responders, broadcast broadcasts, contact management, and even blog posting options. However, it can be said that the one feature that is unique to instapage is the “instant response” feature that is integrated into its template. This is an excellent feature, because in the real world, it is virtually impossible for people to wait for a response to a marketing piece in order to make a decision. With instant response, people can engage immediately and begin making purchases from a landing page builder almost as soon as they come across it.

Overall, the instant response loop that is built into this web-based landing page builder works extremely well, but the cost of installing it may turn some marketers off. Instapage is actually relatively cheap when compared with the benefits that it provides, so many marketers may actually want to consider this alternative instead of signing up for another email marketing tool. Regardless of which option is chosen, however, the bottom line remains that this program is quickly gaining popularity among both small business owners and those who wish to create a more professional looking website.

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