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In this video, We will talk about the Landing Page. What is and How to make it?

Each business is basically aiming to profit from its sales and increase its existing customer portfolio, but doing business in a competitive environment is quite difficult. In the struggle for industry leadership, awareness, and success, it is necessary to use modern and effective marketing tools. If your goal is to increase sales, promote products, or just attract new customers, you should pay attention to what the landing page offers to your existing or potential customers. In this article, we’re going to present you impressive landing page examples

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00:00 What is a Landing Page?
00:41 Why Landing Page is Important?
01:22 Why Should You Create an Impressive Landing Page?
01:53 Tips for Landing Page – Tip #1 Title
02:18 Tip #2 Keep the Content Simple
02:34 Tip #3 Use a call-to-action (CTA)
02:53 Tip #4 Reviews your Competitor landing pages
03:15 Tip #5 Use HQ Δ°mages and Videos
03:54 Tip #6 Use Testimonials and Positive customer comments
04:24 Tip #7 Make Mobile-Friendly Landing Page
05:00 Amazon Landing Page Examples
05:22 Shopify Landing Page
05:50 Netflix Landing Page
06:04 Airbnb Landing Page
06:32 Bluehost Landing Page
06:50 Apple Landing Page
07:11 Hello Fresh Landing Page

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