How to Create a Landing Page or Website In Canva 2021

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In this Canva tutorial, you’ll learn how to create landing pages and/or create a website.

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About this video:

In this Canva Tutorial 2019, Digital Marketing Strategist, Tamell Green shows you how to create landing pages. (UPDATE) This video goes out and in a bit no matter how many times I’ve uploaded it. I hope you can get the gist of what can happen when creating a landing page. I apologize in advance for this. If I get a chance to rerecord it I will.

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How Digital Marketing Can Help You Build A Solid Commercial Reputation

Companies are discovering that it is more important than ever before to build solid and respectable reputations for themselves ahead of any warranted and unwarranted attacks. This is called proactive reputation management and it is critical for ensuring that your business and your brand are capable of retaining their goodwill despite the potential ravages are dramatically increased, online exposure. Consumers are more visible and outspoken than they have ever been before and unless you’re using digital marketing strategies to build trust, these individuals will have the power to make or break your business.

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