How to build an google ads compliant landing page (Must Watch)

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In this video, I showed How to build google ads compliant landing page. Google ads compliant landing page for affiliate programs or affiliate marketing is completely different from Facebook ads landing page.

To build the perfect google ads PPC landing page, first, you have to understand the 4 google ads compliant ways of affiliate promotion, which are

1. Contents, where you create content and drive traffic and promote affiliate products as a reference.
2. Review articles, writing a blog, or an article reviewing affiliate products.
3. emails, the most complaint ways of remarketing and affiliate promotion.
4. Video/ Youtube ads, watch the video to learn in the depth I covered these all with examples.

Now to promote an affiliate program, with these ways you have to use a landing page or a website, but the question is which is the most compliant with google ads policy for affiliate marketing?

To understand these you have to read a learn google ads policy for affiliate programs, which you can see in google webmaster, I covered all the major 6 google ads policy for affiliate marketing here in this video;

webmaster guideline says, provide values to their users, with the landing page or the website which we build to promote affiliate products with google ads.

And this is the place most beginner affiliate marketers lose their google ads account, google suspends that advertiser who is circumventing their system. In the video, i covered in depth how you can build a PPC-friendly landing page or google ads promoting affiliate offers compliant with their policy.

Also do not forget to watch till the end to know the google ads compliant landing page or website design, like buying the right domain, page navigation, etc and at the end remember the 4 keys best practices to keep in mind while creating landing pages for PPC ads or google ads.


0:00 How to build an google ads compliant landing page
4:10 5 elements to build a landing page or a website for google ads
8:59 4 How to build a high converting landing page for google ads
13:28 which is more compliant with google ads, a website, or a landing page?

Now watch the video to learn How to build google ads compliant landing page.
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