Create a Landing Page With Nichesss + Frase + FunnelBolt

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Niches$$, Frase, and FunnelBolt are all cool products I bought on AppSumo. In this video I use the three in combination to create a landing page without writing or designing anything myself!

Nichesss is an AI (artificial intelligence) brainstorming and writing tool. I use it to help come up with the initial framework for the landing page, AND to generate the copy!

00:00 Introduction to Nichesss, FunnelBolt, and Frase
02:44 Lead Magnet Title + Nichesss For Copy Ideas
04:44 Examples of Nichesss Copywriting + Nichesss Tutorial
05:50 Frase Tutorial Starts – Content Generation With
07:30 How to Use Frase + Niches$$ For Copywriting
08:30 How to Use Nichesss Blog Tools to Write Landing Page Copy
10:50 Generating Landing Page Copy From 1 Sentence Using Niches$$
11:50 Editing the Copy From Nichesss in Frase
13:18 FunnelBolt Tutorial Starts – My First Time Using FunnelBolt
14:00 Why I Start With Templates When Using a New Page Builder
15:00 FunnelBolt Template Selection and Fixing Mistakes
16:48 Changing the Landing Page Content
18:36 Where to Get Nichesss, FunnelBolt, and Frase

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Frase ( is an SEO research and optimization software platform. I use it to quickly research and get context on the topic without having to leave the Frase SEO dashboard.

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FunnelBolt is a landing page builder as well as an autoresponder platform with email and SMS (text messaging) integrations. You can use its powerful forms to collect submitted data and communicate with your leads via automated multi-platform messaging.

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Now, I’ll be honest… I’m a copywriter and content writer. Most of the time I really enjoy creating my own landing pages and writing the copy for them. But I know that’s not the case for everyone. Some people just want to build a landing page that works, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That’s what I think I’ve demonstrated here. You can use Nichesss and Frase to quickly generate your landing page copy, and then just modify a template using FunnelBolt or any other landing page builder.

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