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In the video Aweber Email Marketing Tutorial, I will show you how to use Aweber for building your email list with an email marketing strategy. Email marketing 2021 made easy with Aweber and in this video, you’ll watch a full tutorial on how to build your email list, how to set up a campaign and send your emails out. I also will be showing you how to build a free landing page (in 2021 it is FREE). Yes! Aweber landing page builder is free! And you can get a complete free funnel from A to Z without spending a dime.

⏱ Time Stamps ⏱
[0:00] Introduction
[01:37] How to Sign Up to AWeber free account
[7:20] Quick tour in AWeber
[8:30] Changing to a business email
[11:11] Sign up forms in AWeber
[11:57] Building a free landing page in AWeber
[22:00] Test your landing page
[22:35] Create a campaign in AWeber (email sequence in AWeber)

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Inspired by “βœ… How to Build Your Own Awesome Landing Page in 2021 πŸ”₯” by WEB ACADEMY

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