5 Typography Trends BLOWING UP In 2021 (Should You Care?)

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Don’t miss these typography trends for 2021!
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Typography is hugely important to your graphic designs, and incorrect typography can ruin a design totally. But what about typographic trends? In this video we look at wether or not you should follow graphic design / typography trends for 2021, and what they look like on designs and in real life.

I have made a lot of typography tutorials on this channel, and you will want to make sure you watch at least some of the so that your designs can be elevated up. But when it comes to trends, I’m not as intent on making sure you guys follow them. Graphic design trends come and go, even from 2021, and so I don’t think it’s hugely important that you follow typography trends. They can be useful of course and they can help your designs, but they aren’t essential. They can be a lot of fun though.

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